Tryin it at White Park

Cyclocross at White Park was a success! Boyfriend and promoter Nick made some wonderful changes to this course this year, making a longer run-up, adding a turn to climb that was rideable with good line choice, but otherwise forces you onto some stairs, and made some turns sweepier and faster than ever.

Cathy Rowell takes the run up
Cathy Rowell takes on the run up
Sarah rides it, yeaaa!!!
Sarah rides it, yeaaa!!!
Run up, waddle up, just get up.
Run up, waddle up, just get up.

The best addition on the roster was the FREE try cyclocross. It was a non-structured 30 minute time where newbies could get on course, uninterrupted. I ran a Q&A for the 30 minutes leading up to the course-time, then did a ride-through with anyone interested, though many took the time to go through with friends or just rip around at their own pace. 6-10 people preregistered, but more showed up day-of. I’m not even sure of the final count because like I said, it was very non-structured. Some Raleigh riders from Gus’ bike shop in North Hampton NH came out, so we got to Raleigh together!!

I got some good questions at the Q&A, some very simple but overlooked things like “how do we know where the start line is?” “what do we do when we first arrive?” and “what do you do after the race? Do you wash your bike?”

I really recommend something like this to all promoters for the future. I am sure any experienced athlete would be willing to provide some insight for an hour of the day. The FREE aspect is key here. There were some neighborhood kids that showed up, and I bet they would not have been able to come if they needed to ask their parents for money. “But we just paid for baseball camp last week!” If they try it and love it, maybe we have gained a CX faithful. And many people showed up for the help session, then raced later in the day. Ideal situation, no?

I didn’t prepare well for my race because I took it for granted how close I was to the venue and was distracted by the clinic period, so I had an upset and hungry belly when it was time to go to the line. But I was pretty calm given that I knew the course and the field was small. Oh, and, front row call-up
The start was still fast, and I sat second wheel for about a lap. Taking the dusty and loose turns was great preparation for Gloucester weekend. After a smooth ride, I came in 1st, so I was able to eat many of Roni Vetter’s baked treaties guilt-free! yay!!!!



Thanks to everyone who came out to White Park, and for those that didn’t, make the trip to Concord, NH next year!!!


    1. It is as simple or complex as the promoter or whomever is running it wants it to be. It is a slight “drain on resources” as far as course time, registration/waiver paper, but think of the ROI!! I did send one kid to the pit to see the mechanic from S&W to help him with his brakes, but that’s just good public service!

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