Sausage Fest

What is the actual point of a “Moose Crossing” sign? Moose crossing, deer crossing, blind driveway? Are we supposed to be more cautious when we see these signs on the side of the road? Is it to remove all liability from the animal? “You hear about ole George? Hit a moose last night. Car totaled, ripped his face off.” “Yea, but it WAS in a moose crossing…”

This weekend was the 24th edition of Cycle-Smart International; a race that is run in part by JAM Fund. We help set up the course, run a food tent, and tear down the course. Do you know what it is like to set up a course? It’s hell. Stakes? That’s terrible. Worse? SNOW FENCING. Not only is it approximately 87x as miserable to put up than traditional course tape (wooden stakes+holding up+stretching+zipties), its 942x as shit-tastic to take down (cut zip ties, lay out fence, have it blow across the park, start rolling, pull leaves and grass out, have wind unroll, pull out wooden stakes with magic stake-puller-lever-system). The best thing about course setup was that the ground wasn’t  very hard, so only a few of the plastic stakes needed hammering (Much to Anthony Clark’s dismay, as he totally thinks he is Thor).

So, I was in NoHo Thursday morning-Sunday night. I pedaled around the course a little on Friday, trying out the “pro lines” for Day 1 and Day 2. Day 1 was a short jaunt up and around a tree on a VERY STEEP and rooty hill-side. All of the elite men I saw attempting had troubles more often than not, so I committed to running the section. I practiced a mount on the top (there was much bike slipping) to ride down to the next actual run-up. Day 2 involved a chute of death, which I conquered thrice before hanging up the bicycle for the day.

Check out this  Video of my not-so smooth pre-ride of Day 1’s section.


It rained. We sold beer and sausages and cookies. I freaked out about not having my number when it was only 2 hours to race time. I escaped sausage duties to get in one pre-ride lap- crucial for a girl who has very little soggy race experience.

Then, we raced. I had a SECOND ROW CALL-UP! Because I HAD UCI POINTS!! Very yay. I had one of the greatest “hole shots” of my life, in which I was clinging to the back of the lead group. Then I pulled my typical first-lap shenanigans and let everyone pass me. “Oh, you want in front of me? That’s cool. You CLEARLY really want it. Go ahead. :-D” Idiot. So, in that first turny section, I let the lead group pull away. But, I fought through, and managed a 7th place, despite having one section less than dialed (trees were hugged). I pulled off my best UCI finish in wet conditions on a technical course. Not bad for a triathlete with no skills, right?


CX Magazine put in a photo (by Todd Prekaski) of me in front of some very good and lovely riders.

CSI Day 1 Results


I did not race. My knee was in quite a bit of pain after racing and helping with course switch-over and whatnot, and it was decided that preserving my knee was better for the longevity of my season. Even though Day 2 was tacky and a power course. And even though I do better on day 2. Okay, Clearly I am bitter. BUT MY KNEE HURTS RIGHT NOW AND I DIDNT EVEN RACE WAAAHHHHHHH

Last year CSI was my first elite race. I placed 27th and 24th.

Next week I am on to Louisville to race the Derby City Cup in the Ohio Valley! Home race to home race. My parents will be there, and have never seen me race before, so this is pretty cool.