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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Maybe you don’t have questions because it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that you don’t even KNOW what to ask. Well, I have you covered.

I last left you talking about some races that I had been doing. An update there, I did only one more mountain bike race and a couple more road races. They were fine, blah blah blah.

From my second race this year, which was really more of a test of wills of whether I could even finish the laps. I was a bit cracked.
From my second race this year, which was really more of a test of wills of whether I could even finish the laps. I was a bit cracked.

What I learned this summer is that I am torn between doing more mountain bike racing next summer, or finding a team to do some bigger races. If any of you people reading this have some UCI teams looking for a straight work horse, I’M YOUR GAL!

I like pedaling hard
I like pedaling hard
    • Strengths: Tough, hilly road races. Riding off the front. Riding until my legs are numb and my lungs are fires burning in my chest.
    • Weaknesses: Currently, being patient, though I could try this for the right price.

I also did Adam St. Germain’s IRR, Irreverent Road Ride event. It was 125ish miles of boulder riding. I say boulder, because gravel doesn’t do it justice. I rediscovered myself during that ride. Woof.

So that sums up THAT part of my life.

Now…. What else is going on? What else… let’s see here…

Oh yea. CROSS IS COMING!!!!!! My first race is less than a month away-cross is pretty much freaking here. And you probably heard the awesome news: I am riding for the Amy D Foundation again! Dan Dombroski found out that I had not been picked up by a team and felt that development isn’t complete if there is nowhere for an athlete to go. I think everyone who is starting development programs should keep this in mind. Where are you trying to graduate your athletes to once they are developed? Are you training them to build a team, because there are currently only like, 2 program spots on existing teams for women . Otherwise, it’s a pay-to-play world out there, ladies and gents (but mostly ladies, because I have never been a man trying to get on a team so I have no experience there).

Me, Dan and Erica last year in Coloradbro!
Me, Dan and Erica last year in Coloradbro!

The program was supposed to be a once year spot, but I am excited for year two! That said, it won’t be the same. The program is no longer supported by the Raleigh Clement squad as they are looking to conquer on a world stage this year. Instead, our support is being picked up by the Stan’s NoTubes cyclocross team! WOOO HOOOO! I will be riding with Jake Wells and Dan Timmerman, being supported by awesome mechanic Drew Esherick. What about Ally Stacher, you ask? She is growing her personal team this year, adding a plus one mini human to her family. I will admit, I am jealous that Ally chose a smelly baby over racing with me this year (I don’t really think it was a choice, per-say, but this sounds better for my getting some sympathy) CONGRATS ALLY!!!!.

Some things I am looking forward to with this relationship and second year on Amy D:

  • Continue raising awareness for the Amy D Foundation and its mission of encouraging and supporting young women through cycling, inspiring the celebration of healthy challenge and empowering the confident pursuit of lofty dreams.
  • Help to foster the relationship between the Stan’s NoTubes team and the Amy D Foundation so that it can become a lasting relationship; allowing the NoTubes team to house even future Amy D racers, helping them to develop while the riders help to bring eyes and success to the NoTubes program
  • Help the Amy D Foundation extend its network of success and support beyond the US borders.
  • Continue to develop relationships with great sponsors, current and potentially future, learning about products, developing real thoughts and feedback, and being a positive ambassador.

Obviously the crew is different, but luckily I will still see old friends out at the races! And the equipment is different; I am looking to highlight that in a later post once I have had to opportunity to properly thrash everything. And I am still working with Coach Kyle at Finish Fast Cycling, I will still be in Lazer head and eyewear. But I will be in Pearl Izumi clothing with a very similar kit design. I will still be rocking Wickwerks chain rings and I will still be trusting my steeds and wheels with shipping services. I will also be in Toko gloves. There is another major change, however.

I.       Am.          Going.         To.        Europe*.


Legit, this is happening. I already have some things booked. But, I will let the anticipation fester with you all for a while.

This year is going to be huge for me. Last year was big year because I was focusing on competing on the biggest National stages. This year is a focus on smart US racing with a big dose of European experience. I want to see what the racing is like over there; I want to get the experience in hopes it comes in handy come World’s team selection and competition. Hopefully I can balance all of this to have a season that exceeds last year. I have been training hard in every way, so, hopefully it comes together!

Some other good news about the Amy D Foundation is that this year it got its 501(c)(3) designation, which means now it is a non-profit charitable organization (Federal Tax ID: 46-4510224) for which your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Amy D Foundation gets support from sponsors, events and fundraisers, but it could not be made possible without support from donations. And the Amy D Foundation is more than just me racing elite cross: There are road programs and grassroots cyclocross programs as well. Did you know that the Amy D Foundation will have a team racing the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont this Labor Day weekend, and included will be not only deserving women from the US, but also the first Eritrean athlete to compete on this level in the US? (Eritrea is a small country at the horn of Africa, FYI). It is a good program with good people doing good things for cycling. You can donate at the website: or talk to any Amy D ambassador/athlete that you see out in the wild!

That said, is there anything anyone would like to see in an upcoming blog? Questions, comments, concerns? Race stuff, training stuff, life stuff?

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